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A Georgia law firm...

focusing exclusively on probate law and estate planning.


Lauren A. Bryant, Esq.

Meet Lauren!

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Our Services

What we do

Life can be hard. Loss can be harder. Probate shouldn't be.

Probate & Estates

Probate is often pretty simple, but it can be complicated. We like simple and we love complicated. Whether you have a simple will and known heirs, or you are the heir  of your grandmother's cousin's estate who died without a will. No matter the issues, we can help.

Estate Planning

Even though it isn't pleasant to contemplate, each of us will die. Taking the time to prepare for that inevitability will put your mind at ease and make things easier for your loved ones. If you don't decide where your assets go, the law controls. Take control. Call us.

Guardianship & Conservatorship

Life often presents unexpected challenges. Sometimes those challenges leave us vulnerable and unable to make decisions for ourselves. A solution may be guardianship and conservatorship. Let us help you decide whether guardianship and conservatorship is the right path for your situation.


"I am a professional guardian in Florida. My Ward had real estate to sell in GA - had a very hard time lining up an attorney to handle the petition to the GA courts. Many would not even return calls. I luckily found Ms. Bryant - who handled the matter with urgency and flawlessly. Provided updates and follow up. I can't thank her enough. Excellent service and total understanding of what the situation entailed."

-Jeanne, Client

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